Beautiful embroidered cloth badges to suit any design

Many organisations reward progress by awarding people embroidered cloth badges. The most famous two are probably the Scouts and Girl Guides but there are many others including clay pigeon shooting clubs and youth organisations. The practice is well established and generates a lot of praise for the way it keeps people motivated.

The great thing about embroidered cloth badges is they are highly visual and can be added to various types of clothing. As a result they can be used to clearly showcase the progress that people make. Again it is good to think about Scouts and how they decorate their uniform with each badge they earn. As a result people can see what skills they possess right away.

Embroidered cloth badges can be added to various garments and accessories, from shirts to caps and sashes. Depending on the badge they can be stitched, ironed, or glued in place. It is important to choose the right method of attaching them, ensuring they won’t fall off and potentially get lost. Stitching is generally preferred but there are times when it is not appropriate. In these cases the glue or ironing should provide a quality bond.

At Guns and Bows we are proud to produce high quality embroidered cloth badges. We manufacture them with great care, ensuring that each one is precise and well presented. Our team work with a variety of different cloths, ensuring we can provide any colour that is requested. We also cut them to any shape, including circular, rectangular, and crests too.

The quality of the stitching is absolutely crucial if you want a quality badge. This is why we offer an array of options to choose from. Coloured silk or wire can be used to get the finish you want. Silver and gold wires can even be used if you are looking to add a metallic touch.

You can browse a selection of the embroidered cloth badges we have produced on our website. This showcases our creativity but please note we can work with all kinds of artwork to produce great products. You can discuss your needs with us personally by getting in touch. We enjoy speaking to clients and getting to know their requirements; this allows us to provide the best badges.

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