How do you decide which awards and trophies are suitable for an occasion?

As the number one name for awards and trophies our team are always happy to go the extra mile to give you the five star service you deserve. We’re very happy to give any help, suggestions, guidance and advice we can, and it’s always a pleasure to answer any questions you may have.

Every now and then there seems to be a kind of question that comes up again and again. Whilst we’d be happy to answer each and every question no matter how many times it is asked, we thought that it would be of benefit to you if we looked at some of them here.

One recurring question we get is about the shape, style and design of a trophy. Usually the choice is between a jug, cup or vase shaped trophy, or a figurine styled statue. As we produce first class and very attractive versions of all of these styles we know that the choice can sometimes be difficult. As with all the products we produce, we are here to help.

By no means is it a fixed rule, but as a general guide figurine statue trophies are usually awarded for individual achievements whilst jug, cup and vase styled ones are presented for team triumphs. Whilst we’re keen to stress that these are not compulsory choices, we do know that you want to make sure that what you present is as appropriate as it is of the highest quality.

We present you with one of the widest ranges of awards and trophies to be found in the world. Although we are confident that our choice of products will contain the perfect one for you, in effect our range really is limitless. The professional trophy making team here will always be able to produce the precise and exact style of award you want to present.

Hopefully this insight into which style of trophy is considered more suitable for an award has been of use to you. We certainly hope you’ve found it interesting too. If you’d like to discuss your requirements in more detail we’d be delighted to hear from you. Our team will always happily help you make sure that you make the perfect presentation.

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