Encapsulated engravings make the perfect presentation award

When an award presentation is made much, if not all, of the focus is on the individual or group being recognised. This is perfectly natural, and quite easy to understand, as it will be an outstanding achievement reached that is being rewarded. What should never be forgotten, however, is how the award itself reflects on the institution or organisation presenting it.

The focus of awards, in particular when being presented, should be on the achievements made by people. It is important that all possible is done to avoid distractions from this. Something that can undermine efforts in this regard is the use of an inappropriate or inferior quality award. This is something which can, even inadvertently, undermine the value of the prize, and further serve to make something negative a focus when everyone should be concentrating on positive factors.

Whilst we would trust the above is true of most if not all, we know that not everyone is certain of how to ensure only the most appropriate awards possible are created and presented. It’s our pleasure to be of all the help and service we can be in such cases. Due to our many years of successful service in the presentation and awards business we have a key understanding of what works best. We’re always happy to give as much guidance and advice as you may need.

One of the most popular forms of awards to present are those made from optical crystal. These clear, prestigious appearing pieces can be made in any shape and can also feature an engraving. Usually the most treasured – and most memorable – forms of optical crystal awards are those which feature encapsulated engravings. This creates a stunning look, and reflects as well on the people presenting the award as it does the recipient.

Our team of skilled engravers are second to none when it comes to perfection in creating encapsulated optical crystal awards. We offer a free artwork presentation to you before work commences, so that you can with absolute certainty know how spectacular they will look.

Whenever you need beautiful glass or crystal awards designed to your specifications and made with great care we are the provider for you.

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