How to tell glass and crystal awards apart

Guns & Bows is a specialist section of our Coventry Silvercraft Business and excels in providing crystal and glass awards to its clients. Ideal for an array of sporting events and other achievements, our merchandise is perfect for rewarding people. With a considerable number of options available to you and the choice to personalise one with your own text, crest and logo, the awards that we manufacture are designs you can honestly call your own.

Hardly any of us need a reminder of what glass is, as we come across it in our everyday lives, be it in glassware or a window. The main confusion seems to stem from being able to distinguish this substance from that of crystal. It is for this reason why countless products are incorrectly labelled. Fortunately, there’s a simple way to differentiate between them and that is by examining the material closely.

The primary difference between glass and crystal is the lead content, and since glass practically has none most of the time, it is lighter and considered less ornamental. Light that travels through glass trophies and the like doesn’t diffract. As a result, the dazzling characteristic that one usually finds in crystal isn’t found.

Whenever light moves through crystal, it diffracts in a spectacular spectrum of colours. Decorative cuts and carvings also make additions to this sparkling personality. This is one of the principal dissimilarities between the two substances. If it’s the glittering aspect that you are after, you won’t find it in normal glass products thanks to the lack of lead oxide.

At Guns & Bows, before your products are engraved our artisans will provide you with free artwork to make certain that you are happy with everything. In addition to surface engraving, encapsulated engraving is also available for optical crystal blocks, as standalone presentation pieces or as an award base.

If you require information about the company or the glass and crystal awards we create here, don’t hesitate to ask us.

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