Why gold, silver and bronze?

As part of Coventry Sivlercraft, Guns & Bows is a website that is dedicated towards recognising a person’s accomplishments. Offering an impressive collection of awards, including the likes of medals and ribbons, we seek to help you celebrate these special moments in your own unique fashion. With the manufacturing facilities we have at our disposal, we are able to offer clients the finest commemorative rewards to suit both their specifications and budget.

For years, people have asked why medals have been awarded in gold, silver and bronze, and what significance each one holds. In order to understand why the materials were originally selected a little chemistry, astronomy and geology knowledge is necessary. To put things briefly, the galaxy came to be ages ago via an exploding star, with the components that make up our planet and solar system being found within it.

Heavier elements weren’t made in as much abundance as the lighter ones were. On the periodic table, lighter elements preside on the top whilst the heavier types can be located in the lower regions. This arrangement is also the same for how abundant each one is. The three metals that are utilised in medals can be seen in the same column on the table.

What this means is that they possess a number of the same qualities that make them great substances to manufacture medals from. Bronze is primarily made up of copper, which is at the top, making it the lowest in terms of rarity. Silver is on the next level down, making it rarer than copper. Last but certainly not least, gold is a step below silver, making it the rarest of the trinity and the first prize.

At Guns & Bows the talented toolmakers that we employ shall construct a die to your design. From this your single or double sided medal will be created. Additionally, thanks to our choice of plated finishes, one can reward accomplishments of differing levels.

If there is anything we can help you with, simply let us know. We are proud to deliver bespoke medals and ribbons to satisfy all kinds of requirements.

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