Medals made to perfection

Before we start, just a bit of reassurance – we’re not going to be giving you a history lesson.

The presentation of medals as a form of award has been a practice recorded as far back as 4BC. This, however, does not mean that we all want or would be happy to receive a medal which looks the way they’ve looked for thousands of years. When you are looking for the perfect form of presentation to make, you want something which looks and feels distinct, distinguished and unique to your event. This is something we totally understand.

Our understanding of the above is reflected through our work in making bespoke medals and ribbons. As much of a time honoured tradition as awarding medals is, we know that what you want to award people is something as unique as it is prestigious. You want to be certain that the medal awarded has a clear, indelible link to the event, sport or contest which success in is being acknowledged.

We have a team of medal and ribbon makers who are as passionate about perfection in their craft as you are about the event you are organising. They take as much pride in what they make as you wish to in what you present. This makes for the most absolute perfect match between us and you in producing a truly terrific reminder of success.

You might have just read all of that and have found yourself asking just how much scope is there to make medals look different. The limitation, to be completely honest with you, is just imagination. We’re able to produce 2D and 3D designs, and can comfortably work within a wide range of diameters. If you have a very specific logo, emblem, crest or image you want to use we shall replicate it perfectly. Our designers are always happy, however, to help develop an image or logo to include.

Medals have, as far as historians can tell us, always been a major part of our culture and society. It’s wonderful that we keep this distinguished form of award going, and still value it so highly. We look forward to producing the perfect medals and ribbons for you soon.

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