Medals come in all shapes and sizes to commemorate accomplishments

Medals are awarded for a wide array of reasons, from prowess in sporting events to bravery in times of war and special accomplishments. In each case the medal becomes a treasured reminder of the story of the occasion and the efforts of an individual.

You only need to look at the wide array of different military medals to see how much they differ in terms of shape and size. A medal for any occasion can be designed to suit any kind of criteria, be it special shapes or a round one with bespoke engraving or embossing. The fact that there are so many unique types makes them even more special.

When you think about medals you may naturally consider the ones awarded to athletes in sporting events such as the Olympics. In these situations each medal is attached to a bespoke ribbon or lanyard so it can be presented to competitors and worn. On top of this style of medals though there are those that come in a special presentation box.

At Guns and Bows we provide bespoke medals and ribbons for clients all across the UK, supplying high quality products so people can reward a wide variety of achievements. We have the skills and design capabilities to create high quality pieces to suit any kind of specifications and take great pride in our work.

The medals we create can be either single or double sided to suit your design ideas. They can be made with traditional die stamping or modern techniques such as enamel or resin coatings. Both 2D and 3D designs can be created. Whether you want medals to be attached to ribbons or lanyards, or prefer commemorative presentation boxes, we can cater for you.

We are confident you will love the products we create for you and come back to us whenever you need to reward accomplishments again. If you have any questions about our design or manufacturing skills please contact us. We enjoy working with our clients to get to know their ideas and offer suggestions. We find this helps to ensure a much better level of service.

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