The psychology behind an achievement

When you are looking to mark successes with a special kind of reward, then ours is the company that is best equipped to assist you. Regardless of whether it’s in polo, some form of shooting, equestrian activities, or academic progress, we can organise an award that’s truly memorable.

Our service to you is a bespoke one, so if you have a particular idea in mind, let us know and we’ll get straight to work. We offer a wide range of different awards and products to mark achievements.

The great thing about awards like badges and lapel pins is they are highly visible ways to commemorate an achievement. People wear them pinned or sewn to their clothes so they are always on show.

The visible nature of the badges and lapel pins has a big benefit on other people too. They can see your achievement and will believe that they can accomplish a similar feat with effort and practice. In psychology, this is known as self-efficacy, a belief that our own abilities are enough for us as long as we put in the effort to win.

As you can see offering badges and lapel pins to reward people for their accomplishments will not only make them happy for being acknowledged but it will motivate other people to try too. On top of this when anybody receives an award the sense of achievement and happiness can lead them to setting further goals to advance and achieve even more rewards.

At Guns and Bows we can produce embroidered badges or beautiful lapel pins that match up to your precise designs. The badge of choice is embroidered utilising either wire or silks onto a background cloth of your choosing, which can be glued, ironed or stitched onto bags, uniforms, towels and others. The pins come in an array of shapes and sizes and can be pinned onto various types of clothing.

If you are in need of our services, please do get in touch.

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