The significance of trophy engraving

Guns & Bows can be a great help if you are looking to celebrate accomplishments. Excelling in the manufacturing of personalised awards and trophies, our merchandise is the perfect way to recognise those who have achieved great things. Whatever your specifications are, we will strive to meet them.

There are all sorts of reasons as to why people engrave awards and trophies. Some may wish to commend a victory, like achieving first place in a competition, whilst others are used to thank someone for their long years of service in a company. Engraving one of these objects is about much more than simply writing on a name and presenting it in front of an audience however. When you come to realise the true power the products have, you’ll understand why engraving brings so much awe to an event.

Until a meaning is assigned to it, an award or trophy could be for anything at all. For those individuals who are being rewarded for their services, engraving is a way of amplifying the value and making the piece much more meaningful to its recipient, as well as those handing it over. As such, it usually becomes worthwhile to put in that little bit of extra effort when having it engraved.

Trophy engraving is also a brilliant approach if the intent is to immortalise a person. Not to mention, it works wonders at making certain that an event’s history is passed down between generations. An action such as this is about far more than simply putting a name on an award. It is about passing a tradition along and giving everyone something to challenge one another for. Overall, engraving assigns meaning to an item that would have been ordinary in other circumstances and this is why it’s so appealing.

At Guns & Bows we have a selection of attractive figurine trophies which can come with wooden bases that have been appropriately engraved, either for perpetual or individual rewards. In addition, you can also choose from a considerable range of tankards, salvers, crystal and glass trophies, and silver and plated cups. If you require an award for your own purposes, we hope you’ll consider contacting us.

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