The traditional look and appeal of hard enamel badges

Die stamped hard enamel badges can make fantastic, long lasting reminders of achievements and successes. The materials are durable and you can choose from a variety of different finishes to ensure they make the right impression. The size and designs can vary considerably, giving you the opportunity to create products that capture each specific achievement.

The great thing about die stamping is how consistent it is. The dies are made from very strong materials so they can make an impression in the substrate material. They should experience very little wear, ensuring every single badge is the same. This makes the process a fantastic option when a larger number of units are needed rather than one off pieces.

Once the substrate material is stamped with the die enamel is laid in the recesses. This is fired later so that it hardens and sets. Afterwards the colour can be laid and everything can be smoothed down. The final stage is polishing and plating if necessary to ensure each badge looks perfect.

As well as choosing the size and shape of the badge to ensure it suits your needs you can also decide the type of fitting. There are plenty to choose from including clutch or stick pin, tie slides, joint and catch, and brooch pin. It is important to select the fitting to reflect where you want people to display their badges.

At Guns and Bows we provide badges to suit all kinds of requirements, including rewarding people for their successes. We will help you to create the perfect design and choose the options to suit you, including the right fitting.

Quality is very important to us and we work really hard to deliver products stand out and last. To achieve this we use carefully selected materials and make use of top of the line equipment. The results really speak for themselves and we are confident both you and the people you award the badges to will be pleased.

If you want to go over your requirements please get in touch.

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