The true value of a badge as a reward

Historically, badges and lapels have done wonders for companies due to their potential for promotion. Something that you may wish to know is that they also work well as rewards. Specialising in the manufacturing of various types of badge and lapel pin, including the likes of embroidered cloth and enamel designs, we are the ones to call if this kind of award suits your preferences.

From scout troops to the military, badges have been used for countless years in order to commemorate achievements, challenge people to reach their targets and celebrate special moments. One can utilise the badge in numerous ways. The best way however, is to instil a sense of meaning into them.

A myriad of organisations hand out badges for such things like perfect attendance and most enthusiastic worker, but others present them for different reasons. They award them to individuals that have put in the hard work of completing those tasks that have been set before them, including learning new skills. Efforts such as this might take months or even years to accomplish so it is great to acknowledge and celebrate the accomplishment.

The reward itself may not have all that much monetary value, but the satisfaction that one feels at the end of finishing their challenging tasks, as well as being publicly acknowledged for it, is worth more than money. Additionally, it could encourage the recipient to work harder towards achieving the next few badges.

At Guns & Bows we provide bespoke badges and lapels for celebrating all kinds of achievements and the work that has gone in to them. Excellent for sporting and athletic activities as well as a variety of other areas, our awards are the ones to pick if somebody has recently achieved a great milestone.

We work closely with out clients to get the design for their awards perfect. Over the years we have been called on to create all kinds of bespoke products and always strive to exceed our clients’ expectations. That is why we are celebrated as one of the leading providers.

If there’s anything we can assist you with, please let us know.

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